February 28, 2007

Community work

Gordon Brown appears to be taking lessons from the stupid party as he wants immigrants to take part in community work. Doesn't he realise that there is no need for them to be forced to do extra government approved labour to help the communities they live in. Most of them are already doing good things for these communities, jobs that the other people in the communities think so important that they are willing to pay for directly out of their own pockets. Forced labour like this is not part of modern British culture, the culture that we should be hoping that they will embrace. So maybe this is one of the Britishness tests that they talked about. Immigrants have to learn to tell the officious busy bodies in charge to fuck off before they can get their passports. However probably not, more likely the problem is that the important work already done by immigrants is allocated by the market rather than government dictat. This is probably what Gordon really objects to and wants to change.


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